Jornada: New pass-by noise regulations


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June 16th 2016 | the Barcelo Sants hotel | Barcelona

New EU regulations will not only reduce the maximum pass-by noise (PBN) limit of vehicles, it will also change the importance of subsystems such as tires, to the total pass-by noise. To keep control over the radiated pass-by noise levels, pass-by noise engineering methods are required more than ever. Siemens invites you to a seminar that will cover the latest technologies, trends and standards in pass-by noise and will demonstrate the benefits of the transfer path analysis (TPA) technique as problem investigation tool for pass-by noise engineering.

Registro y Agenda

Who should attend this event ?

  • NVH managers, that need their vehicles to comply with regulation and need to understand the impact of the new regulation on the vehicle development process
  • NVH engineers, responsible for pass-by noise
  • Test operators, responsible for executing pass-by noise homologation tests


12Pass-by noise testing (PBN) refers to the procedure of measuring vehicle noise emission levels on an exterior test track. Results of pass-by noise tests are used to certify that vehicles comply with specific noise emission standards. This certification is required for all types of road vehicles, from trucks and busses to passenger cars and recreational vehicles. Pass-by noise testing today is a well-defined procedure in a vehicle development process. However, pass-by noise standards are evolving : new certification methods are proposed and acceptable noise emission levels limits are lowered. Significant improvements in component noise will be needed to lower overall vehicle noise levels.

Transfer Path Analysis has been a key part of the product development process for the past 20 years. Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) provides sub-system and full-system level analysis for problem investigation, sound quality and noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) attribute target setting and cascading activities. In recent years TPA techniques have been extended from the frequency domain to the time domain, allowing TPA to be used for not only transient application but also pass-by noise engineering.
With the stringent new PBN regulations, automotive OEM’s have embraced this technique to ensure their cars are compliant with the new norms.

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